Small But Enthusiastic

We at GNU Ghost are a small but enthusiastic team. We have a wild dream of beating Tab 9 and Github Copilot one day. May be this page will shed a light on how we wish to do it.

The first step is to gain the trust of programmers. We are a free software, and almost all our actions are in open. Our moral is pure, this cannot be claimed by our competitors.

By showing that we progress, we aim to get patrons and contributors, thus boosting our moral and willingness to work for this project. So stick along, spread the word, and donate if you feel so.

Julia For Programming

One thing we have set in stone is we are using Julia as our programming language. We believe its the best language for scientific computing and predicting what code you will write next is pure science.

Beating GPT-3

We cannot afford the power of Github Copilot's computing power, we cannot develop a machine that would beat the machines that created GPT-3, but if we create a distributed system that learns, we can ask for your laptop and server time to expand and one day beat GPT-3. We aim to do that.

First Steps

As a first step we wish to provide text editor and IDE plugins that auto completes code with NLP techniques, that would be slightly better than your current auto completion tool. Let's see if we can achieve that.